Commercial 2014


HGL2 (Hero General Lee#2) was one of two original TV Series General Lees that was used for the production of the AutoTrader commercial.  This car was previously known as WGL76 and is powered by a 383.  HLG2 car was used for almost every interior scene of the commercial.  Just like HGL1, HGL2 received a new set of wheels and tires for the commercial.  In some scenes you can see fake black shoulder seat belts that were used.  Later in the production, they were removed.  Maybe it was because they had issues with them being in the way and that they awkwardly fit around the actors.  Being "Politically Correct" though... they had to be seen.  

While I was on the set, I had the opportunity to watch the crew prepare the vehicle for a scene.  It was interesting to see how much prep work is involved to set up the cameras for just a few seconds worth of footage.  It took nearly 1.5 hours to mount three cameras, lights, batteries in the trunk, wire everything up, and to set all of the proper lighting.  

​During filming, John Schneider was driving HGL2 on a muddy gravel road and the back end got away from him causing the car to nose off into an embankment.  This slightly damaged the front valance, front lower portion of the left fender, and chipped the driver side door.  This can be seen in the Bonus footage from AutoTrader.  

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