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After the 1997 Reunion the car was repaired from being rammed in the side by the Ford. The car was also prepared for only one scene in the 2000 Reunion movie. Many interior components were removed and a full cage was installed in the car. Only the bare necessities were left. The cage consisted of a double loop behind the driver and an "X" brace that went from the roof, through the rear seat, and into the trunk compartment. A single bar went down either side of the right and left A-pillars and down to the floor. A single horizontal bar attached the A-pillar bars and ran right in front of the dash frame. From the dash horizontal bar, a chain looped under the steering column to support it. Massive plates were welded to the floor to support the roll cage. Gussets, made of 1/4 inch steel, were welded at intersection of the bars. The stunt driver's safety harness was attached to the base of the "X" brace with chains.

Craig Baxley Jr., a young a young stunt driver, preformed the jump in December 1999 in a residential area on the streets of LA. He was only 24 years old at the time. This would be his first jump on film. He said the car barely ran and came down hard on the rear of the car. According to him, the car flew 127ft.

GL 2 Characteristics During the 2000 Reunion:
-Narrow, but thicker “01”
-Chrome Bumperettes missing from the front bumper
-Double Loop Roll Bar

During the Reunion Movie, this car was titled as "GL 2". This car is a 1969 383 Charger. GL 2 would have been considered the Stunt car. This car was rough around the edges and bondo’ed up, but it still played some very significant roles in each movie. I would consider this car the underdog of the movie. GL 2 and GL 3 were always hard to pick out on the movie. They both had the same decals, interiors, steering wheels, roll bars… except one thing. The crew forgot to install the two front chrome bumperettes on this car. So now, as long as you had a clear shot of the front of the car, and you knew what decals were on the doors, you could pick out the cars with ease.

Many rumors spread about the car in the barn scene at the very beginning of the movie; “Romeo’s Car”. The biggest rumor of the whole movie was about this scene. Many people liked to believe “this is exactly how the original TV series General Lee (WGL 2, GL 1, GL#002) was found on the WB lot… so the producers left it in as-found condition and used it for the shot”. In fact, Romeo’s (the rooster) car was indeed GL 2. This can clearly be seen with the more narrow “01” and the missing bumperettes. So GL 2 is the very first General Lee seen since the end of the TV show in 1985. GL 2 is also the car seen being hauled by Cooter’s tow truck. When the car is in the garage and they pop the hood to find a hen and a bunch of feathers, that is this car too. This is when you can see the engine bay details. When the General Lee is getting rammed by the black Ford on the back roads, that is also this car. The whole passenger side of the car was repaired either during or after the '97 movie.

GL 2 Characteristics During the 1997 Reunion:
-Narrow, but thicker “01”
-Standard steering wheel with horn ring
-Front tag bracket is painted orange and black in some scenes
-Chrome Bumperettes missing from the front bumper
-Key cylinder in passenger side door is missing
-Big Block
-“M/T” Mickey Thompson finned valve covers
-Deep Dish bowl style air cleaner
-Black engine bay with bottom of hood painted orange
-Black painted upper grille/latch tray

Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion Movies 1997 & 2000