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In early Dec. 2004 GL#010 smashed through two Atlanta police cars during the chase scene downtown.  This stunt did the most amount of damage to the car throughout the whole movie.  Both fenders, the hood, grille, bumper, and valance panel were smashed beyond repair.  Both quarter panels were also heavily damaged as the General Lee drove through the cars.  Somehow, neither door was heavily damaged.  The car was sent to a local body shop to have the front unibody structure pulled back into alignment and the quarters repaired.  After the shop was finished, they sent the car back to the transportation lot where a freshly painted front cap was installed.  After this stunt, every car received the dented and painted on grey scratches.

"The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning" 2007 Movie

For the 2007 move, the decision was made for GL#010 to be used as nothing more than a prop.  This was one of the two cars built for the car that was pulled from the pond.  GL#017 was the other car.  GL#010 was the only car to be dipped in the pond though.  The transportation crew de-trimmed the car entirely of every salvageable part.  This car received all banged up and dented body panels from other cars.  The 1970 hood and trunk lid were removed from the wrecked and vandalized GL#022 and installed on #010.  Both quarter panels were beat up and had simulated rust holes drilled into them.  There was some sort of fitting attached to these holes and clear plastic hoses were attached to them.  All of the plastic hoses were run to two 2.5 gallon buckets which sat in the trunk compartment.  The only thing I can imagine is, when the car was pulled from the water, they wanted the pond water to pour out of the car, through the quarter panels.  

The engine and transmission were pulled from the car and the rear axle housing was drained and then sealed off to prevent any oil seepage into the pond.  The carpet was left in the car but the rest of the interior was removed.  The seats were stripped down to the frames and only had burlap linings and jute paddingFrom what we have been told, the body only sat under water for a few minutes before the cameras started rolling and the it was pulled from the pond.   

Dukes of Hazzard Movie 2005


GL#010 started life as a 440 powered 1968 Charger R/T.  The car was pretty solid to start.  Throughout the entire 2005 movie, it was a Post-Cooter stunt car.  During most of the production, the car was away from the production lot and was on location.  #010 was probably the third most heavily used Charger in the movie and was a favorite backup car for driver Rhys Millen.

In mid-January 2005, The crew applied large black simulated tire marks down each side of the car and #010 was the only car in the bunch to receive this treatment.

Jan. 22, 2005 was the last day of filming 2nd unit at State Capital Dragway (for the race scene).  Rhys car of choice for the day was GL#005, but GL#010 was on location as the back up car.  While preparing for the day's shoot, the transportation crew used gasoline-soaked rags to remove all of the simulated tire marks down the sided of the car.  They ended up using #005 for all of the filming on that particular day.  

Jan. 26, 2005: GL#010 was parked alongside a fence at the transportation lot, with many other vehicles that were presumed "finished" being used for the production. 

Feb. 11, 2005: GL#010 was freshly washed and was in line to be loaded up on the transporter, and make the long trip back to California.  John Feinblatt drove the car around to the transporter and left it running.  MCG editor, Randy Holden, recalls 'The car sounded great and had a slightly choppy idle'.  This was a strong car throughout the whole production... and on the last days in Louisiana, this car had quite a bit of life left in it.