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The car was not used more throughout Jan. '05 and on Feb. 4, 2005 GL#004 was shipped back to California to be used for Green Stage work.  

Randy Holden, from Mopar Collector's Guide, received many parts that were cut off GL#004.  Randy donated many of these parts to Scott Romine to be auctioned off for charity at a Duke of Hazzard event. 

In 2008, GL#004 along with many other cars and pallets full of parts were auctioned off at the GAC Auctions in California.  John Orlebeck purchased the car from the auction.  Not long after, he sold the car to Scott Velvet in Branson, MO.  The car was listed numerous times on eBay and it did not sell.  I (Justin Cornette) purchased the car from Scott Velvet in Oct. 2009 and brought it home to Jackson, MS.

I started collecting parts for the car, I have have tried to track down as many of the original parts as possible.  I will be restoring the car back to the way it appeared in the 1997 Reunion movie.

The car sat on the lot without much use prior to the Christmas break.  After the break, the car was cut even more where the rear clip was removed... leaving the car as not much more than an interior compartment. The body was repainted in the Post-Cooter paint scheme and a brand new tan interior was installed.   The car was then listed as a Post Reverse Buck.  I'm guessing that it was used for some interior scenes where they drove in reverse.​

In Oct. 2004, GL#004 arrived to Baton Rouge, LA.  In early Nov. '04 the car had the rear wheel well openings cut for clearance for the larger tires on the Go-Mobile, half of the fenders and hood were cut off, and the whole car was painted in the Pre-Cooter paint scheme.  The body was mounted on the mic-rig.  It was used for filming some interior scenes in late November.  

Dukes of Hazzard Movie 2005


GL#004 was first used as a General Lee in the 1997 Dukes of Hazzard: "Reunion in Hazzard" movie.  It was then re-used in the 2000 "Hazzard in Hollywood" movie.  During the two Reunion movies, this car was known as "GL 2".

In the Fall of 2004 GL#004, and a few other cars, were transported to J.E.M. FX in California where work began.  Since the car had excessive damage to the body from being jumped on the 2000 Reunion movie, the decision was made for the body to be converted to a "Buck", which is only a section of the car.  Bucks are used as close up camera cars and sometimes they are build to performs special tasks.   GL#004 had the drivetrain removed and massive framing was built under the car, where heavy duty casters were attached so the whole body could be rolled around.