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Here is a great Behind the Scenes footage from the AutoTrader.com Commercial 

Here is the full length AutoTrader.com Commercial that is over 2 minutes long.

AutoTrader.com Commercial General Lees: 2014 

The commercial was filmed in and around Slidell, Covington, and Folsom Louisiana on Feb 22-27, 2014.  Picture Car Warehouse built and supplied the General Lees and the Dodge Charger police cars.  A total of six General Lees and four police cars were used.  There were two "Hero" (Close up) General Lees titled HGL1 and HGL2.  Both Hero cars were actually TV series survivors.  All four other General Lees were 2nd unit stunt cars.  The two jump cars were SGL1 and SGL2 while the two stunt cars were SGL3 and SGL4​, and were used for hard-driving scenes.  All cars survived through the production.  .