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Dukes of Hazzard: "Hazzard in Hollywood" 2000

Dukes of Hazzard: "Reunion in Hazzard" 1997

The 2000 Dukes of Hazzard: "Hazzard in Hollywood" movie was filmed in December 1999 and originally aired on May 19, 2000.  All three Chargers survived the first Reunion movie and were used again on the second Reunion movie.  This time, the writers and producers decided to jump a General Lee.  The damaged car (GL 2) was repaired and converted to a full time 2nd unit fully caged jump car.  GL 2 was only used once in the second Reunion, and that was for the jump.  GL 1 and GL 2 were used quite a bit but took a back seat to John Schneider's personal General Lee, which was used for most all close up shots.  I am not sure if John's personal car ever received a number or if it was just left alone and known as "John's car".  

The 1997 Dukes of Hazzard: "Reunion in Hazzard" movie was filmed from December 1996 through the first part of January 1997 and originally aired on April 25, 1997.  Warner Brothers Transportation Dept. still had one original General Lee from the TV Series (WGL 02).  In the early 1990's the car was repainted and the new "01" was very skinny and a far cry from what was originally on the car.  This was the only car used with this style "01", so it is very easy to spot on the movie.  Two more cars were needed for the production.  At this time, I am not exactly sure where the other two cars came from... if they were former tv/movie Chargers or if they were just local privately owned cars.

  For the production, the TV Series General Lee (WGL 02) was renamed "GL 1".  The other cars were named "GL 2" and "GL 3".  All three cars were 1969 model Chargers.  GL 1 and GL 2 were powered by 383s while GL 3 was powered by a 318.  Being a low budget film, all three cars played multiple roles as 1st unit close up cars and 2nd unit stunt driven cars throughout the production.  If I had to put a label on it, GL 3 would have been considered the close-up "Hero" car just because it was the nicest and was used mostly with the actors.  GL 1 was used a lot in close up scenes too, but not as much as GL 3.  GL 2 was a little rough around the edges and was mostly used for driving scenes and stunt scenes.  The only damage received to the cars was to GL 2 when the bad guy's Ford smashed the passenger side of the car while going down the dirt road.  The footage of when the car flipped over and all jumps were recycled footage from the tv series.